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    Serving Corporations, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs, Speakers & Authors

  • What we do and how we serve?

    Plain and simple we put words to your ideas. We create messages and plans to help you execute your ideas. We develop strategies to bring awareness to your business or product or YOU!

    We are the client whisperer!


    Do you need messaging with a corporate flare? Or do you need industry lingo to attract your target market? Or do you need someone to help make sense of what all your creative ideas?

    We Do That!


    GVM Communications is a woman-owned business. The CEO is a master of multi-tasking and gear-shifting. The firm is a healthy mix of a little corporate, with an entrepreneurial spirit, business casual style, sprinkled with some Zen and a few choice words. The CEO may drop the f (bomb) often, so if your ears are sensitive she is not for you. She believes the creative words are natural healer and can cure stress. Just ask her...


    Qualities about our team: Thoughtful, Strategic, Open-Minded and Honest. Clients are handled according to style. This is why it is so important for us to get to know you, “the client”. We are excellent reads of character and can sense where a business can reach under our care and how creative and committed a client will be with our unique ideas.


    Our approach to strategies regarding public relations, branding, business development and relationship management are unique. With us a client will receive: a firm who can turn an idea into a gift. A firm who truly hears your ideas, even when you don't think we are listening in casual conversation - we hear you and you as the client will be surprised just how well we listen. We take our clients businesses seriously which mean you will receive the proper due diligence, risk analysis and assessment. Our CEO is a research geek.


    We have the ability to leverage extensive resources across industries, it's our sweet spot! We are excellent business connectors. Our team will see possibilities before our clients see the value in a potential relationships. "Brain-Brand Storming" has created the greatest return for us and our clients. Proven client satisfaction.


    As seasoned professionals our skillsets allow us to tap into out client's voices bringing their ideas and visions to life. Through a discovery process our team will determine the business needs:

    • Media Plans to launch a product line or new business 
    • Message Development to better reflect the business model
    • Brainstorming | Strategy sessions for a new product development or business direction
    • Relationship Management
    • Brandstorming | Brand Building
    • Social Media
    • Media Training 
    • Publicity | Media Relations
    • Research and Resource Development
    • Workshop Facilitation

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  • About Us

    Our team demonstrates talents and skills in an array of industries: Arts, Education, Financial Services, Diversity & Inclusion, Publishing, Sports & Entertainment, Technology and Wellness. In 2015, the firm expanded its services into the alternative medicine Industry. We remain equally in diverse markets of business ranging from: Non-Profits, Privately owned to Publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.

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    Corporations, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Authors

    We see no business as too small, we look to see how we fit.


    Our clients have come to rely on us for our insights, strategy, messaging and coaching. Yes coaching! We counsel many of clients on projects and business decisions. Our knowledge base on various industries allow us to give a unique perspective our clients have come to appreciate. We have a keen eye and distinctive approach in connecting industries and taping unidentified target pools.


    Through our media relations services clients have appeared in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Financial Times, Working Mother, Elle, Teen Vogue, Black Enterprise, Diversity Inc., Crain's , Diversity Executive, Hispanic Business, Ebony, Essence, New York Daily News, New York Post, The Network Journal, Huffington Post, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business just to name a few.

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    Gia Morón

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Gia launched her firm in 2012, and has worked with various businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors. It is no surprise Gia’s client base covers many industries. She worked at the financial services firm Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., for fifteen years where she oversaw several business lines as media relations officer. Her areas of focus ranged from Urban Investment/Private Equity, Investment Research and Technology to the firm’s organizational focus on Diversity, Recruiting, Corporate Engagement, Human Resources and Corporate Services.


    From facilitating workshops, participating on panels to organizing events and supporting women owned businesses, Gia has been committed to uplifting her clients. With over 20+ years experience in corporate within the entertainment industry and financial services, she has a special knack of bridging gaps and connecting dots between industries. Using her public relations, media training and personal development skillsets Gia works closely with diverse industries to provide them with her years of experience and intuitive insight on the changing markets all while bringing her creativity and voice of reason.


    Gia expanded her business reach in 2016, when she began consulting with Women Grow, the largest international professional network committed to cultivating business leaders and women ownership. She transitioned in house as Director of Communications in 2017 then named Executive Vice President in 2018. At the start of 2019, Gia was tapped to be President of the company.


    Prior to Women Grow and her time on Wall Street, she was the Director of Promotions and Publicity at The Fremantle Corporation, a international distribution and production television company. Fremantle was responsible for bringing such shows as Baywatch to China, 3rd Rock From the Sun and Grace Under Fire to LatAm, Tony Awards to Japan, just to name a few. During her six years with the company these standout 90's shows along with a catalog of other long running shows were brought to Asia ex-Japan, Philippines, Canada and throughout Europe and Africa.


    Outside of her professional accomplishments, Gia volunteers with various non-profit organizations throughout New York City. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Services

    Brand Analysis | Media Planning | Press Materials | Media Training |

    Image Development | Internal Communication | Workshop Facilitator | Publicity


    You Get More Than Results...

    Included with all services: Business Connectivity-Coaching-Resource Management-Networking

    Full Communications Package:

    The elite package is the full assessment of company internal and external communications, will create a media plan and press materials, media training and publicity services.


    Short term project services for direct publicity to targeted media outlets for special projects in specialized industries.

    Media Setup:

    PR Plan (Template), Press Release Outline, Sample Media Advisory, Pitch Letter (Template), Talking Points (Template), 60 minute media training, Non Disclosure Agreement included. Recommendation on seeking media opportunities, compiling and tracking press clips.

    * This can be converted to a speaker package. Great for speakers and authors. Package includes topic sheet and testimonials.

    * Great for start-ups and early small businesses


    Get On Message:

    Core message, talking points, review and recommended edits for marketing materials, website and social media for comprehensive and consistent language.


    Workshop Organizer & Facilitator:

    Great for company offsite or retreat. Topics can be customized. Offers a combination of public relations and personal development.


    Brainstorming Session:

    1 - 3 hour sessions will generate creatives ideas and create action plan in order to develop your event, services, brand or product. Session includes 30 minute follow up call.

    **Inquire about the 5 and 10 hour plan options for longer term projects.

  • Testimonials

    Gia is one of the most genuine, authentic individuals that I've been fortunate enough to work with in my career. Her professionalism shines through in every aspect of her work, from her rainmaking ideas to her amazing network and resources, Gia is an executor that gets the job done and will exceed one's expectations.

    -April Walker, Walker Wear & A Walker Group


    Gia is one of the most generous, patient strategic thinkers I know. When I struggle to come up with a solution or an approach to an issue concerning my business, she's the first person I call. After speaking with Gia, I feel confident in the direction I've chosen to take and I always end up with very positive and rewarding results.

    – Gilda Squire, Squire Media and Management


    Gia is never afraid to challenge my thoughts, while having the insight to see beyond areas I didn’t realize I could reach. She has an unbelievable high energy level with a strong character. Her leadership has produced impressive results in a wide variety of areas. Gia is persistent, and exhibits concerns for others, while giving a personal touch to any situation. She listens to empower, negotiates collaboratively, resolves conflicts, and has impressively generated trust amongst her peers. She has the ability to articulate a vision in order to persuade others. Gia gives a magnificent presentation and offer workshops, professional/entrepreneurial engagement and Public Relation services.

    – Anthony Smith, Executive Director, Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District


    I truly appreciate the thoughtful feedback Gia provides me regarding her services. Regardless of the situation or environment: personal or professional, corporate or non-profit, Gia’s insightful perspective and strategic guidance has helped me navigate through the most challenging situations. She employs a “Mindful” approach with her clients, which delicately balances a no-nonsense yet structured approach, along with nurturing and empathetic personal coaching.

    – Robyn Pitts, Business Development | Productivity Consultant for Microsoft, United Way and other professional organizations


    GVM was a fundamental piece to facilitating my first Tour to NY. Her class, dedication and commitment to excellence is evident in the outcome of her work. My event was extremely successful and I would recommend her in a heartbeat always in all ways. 5* service and professionalism.

    - Steve Whyte, The UK's #1 Author | Speaker | Life Coach


    Thank you so much for a most valuable brainstorming session with you. So many concrete ideas to work with, which is invaluable for me at this time. I just want to give a shout out to Gia with whom I had the most amazing brain storming session this week. She was amazing in the way she captured possibilities, my message and for example article topics from just listening to me talking; apparent she has been doing PR for a very long time.

    – Barbro Sjotun (Sweden), coaching client


    Timing, awareness of opportunity and execution is usually a winning combination for me to achieve many of my goals. Gia provided a similar but more beneficial option. The timing was right because I was shifting my focus. Opportunity came by invitation and execution through accountability of genuine support.

    – Business Development Manager, General Motors


    Working with Gia has allowed me to step out of my box and think of creative ways to use my talents and to develop multiple streams of income which is so important as an entrepreneur.

    -Helen Williams Nurse, Owner of TracyChambers Vintage


    We joined forces to expand our company's services and knew The Organized Home (TOH) was unique, but didn’t have the words to accurately describe the business. Gia asked all the right questions which allowed us to really think and focus on what we wanted to convey to our clients. She not only learned about the business, but learned about us...from why we do what we do; and what our clients get from our services. The personal touch she brought made conversations with her easy. She took the time needed to get it right, and in the end, created the talking points that were cohesive, consistent, sincere, relatable and differentiated. In short, she gave our business a stronger and well positioned voice in the market. She gave us the confidence to engage potential clients about our business, “We help our clients see and achieve their possibilities”. After working with Gia, we are better able to articulate this experience with clients and can clearly envision 'all the places we can go'!

    - Denise N. Gordon, Founder & Tanya S. Lewis, Designer of The Organized Home (TOH)

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  • Partnerships & Media

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    Women's Venture Fund

    Since 2013, GVM Communications has facilitated and participated on several workshops on Public Relations, Publicity, Marketing and Social Media for the Women's Venture Fund.

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    Rogue Media Group LLC

    In 2016, Rogue Media Group and GVM Communications entered into a partnership agreement to create business development, content creation and strategic partnership programs for corporations and entrepreneurs.


    Our CEO has appeared in print news: Associated Press, Refinery29, Benzinga, Philly Tribune, NY Post, Cassius Life, Pot Network, High Times, Green Entrepreneur, Merry Jane, CBC.ca and more

    Broadcast: CBS, ABC News, Karen Hunter Show on SirusXM, Brooklyn Savvy,

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